Creating a new private chef menu

It is important to offer a variety of menus so that all our customers can book your services. The more you change the menus and adjust to the season, the more customers will repeatedly book your services.

In order to learn how to create or modify a menu, go directly to the My Menus page in your chef profile.


We give you access to a specific level of service, which has a defined price per person. It’s up to you to create your menu to make sure it is still cost-effective for you.

Prices are all inclusive. They should include your time, your transport, the preparation, ingredients, service and storage. When a customer books and pays for a service on La Belle Assiette, he will have nothing else to pay. It's up to you to provide in advance all your costs.
The price point of the level of service you have been assigned to is for 6 guests. We allow you to tell us the minimum total amount you require for a booking (in an equivalent of minimum number of person). For example, on a  Temptation menu (45£ per person when 6 people and more), if you say "minimum 4 people", a client that books for 2 people will have to pay £90 per person (45 * 4 / 2).  
What should be included ?
Everything! The customer can book on La Belle Assiette without contacting you. After booking, he should have nothing more to pay.
If you need to rent equipment, you should include it in the price per guest. Similarly for a waiter, transport expenses, etc...

What about drinks? And bread ?

Drinks are not included in the price. Most of our customers want to use their own cellar. If a client wants you to organize drinks, he will ask for it via Email. In this case, we will make a custom menu that includes drinks.

Bring the bread! Remember! A customer to do nothing at all; he certainly does not want to go find bread. Similarly for salt and pepper. Assume that your customers have nothing at home.