What should a chef do for a private chef meal ?

Customers book one of your menus to have the luxury of not having to do anything (except special arrangements where customers wish to participate in the preparation). So you have to take care of everything: from the shopping part and all the way until the storage before you leave.

At what time should I arrive at customer's place ?

Once a client has booked your services, you will have his contact information in the booking details. You will then have to contact your client and determine the time of your arrival. Be aware that some customers will not be available early at their home (for example if they work late). You will then have to be flexible and in some cases do the upstream of the preparation at your work place before arriving at the customer’s home. On average, the chefs arrive 2:30hrs before table service.
What should I bring ? Equipment, tableware ?
It is your duty to bring the ingredients and all the missing equipment, as well as setting up in the kitchen and prepare the on-site menu. 

Salt, pepper, oil, bread etc ... Do not leave anything to chance. If the customer pays for a Chef at home, he should not have to go out to buy bread!

After the clients confirm their booking, we ask you to contact them and discuss the equipment and serving plates they have. You should then bring what is missing.  Do not forget to ask for all details of the equipment (some customers forget to say that they only have 2 stoves and not 4 for example).
The serving dishes will affect a lot the quality of your set-up. Unfortunately, the dishes of the customer are not necessarily adapted to your work. To ensure optimum quality, it may be interesting for you to bring your own dishes. Don’t let your reputation depend on the serving dishes of a customer!
In extreme cases of important catering events where you need to rent equipment and crockery, contact us quickly. We will arrange to tailor your proposal and bill the customer in advance for those needs. To save you any unpaid services and billing problems, it is important to liaise with us: La Belle Assiette is here to help!
How should I deal with the clients?
Once the guests have arrived, it will be important to create a friendly and professional atmosphere. Upon arrival of the guests, it is important to introduce yourself and before serving, talk a little about your background and the dishes. You will serve the dishes.
Who does the service?

The service is included in the price you specify for each menu from your space "My Menus". It's up to you to manage the service; it is not the responsibility of the customer (unless explicitly requested by the client). If you need the help of a waiter (for example if the number of guests is high), it has to be included in the menu price.

Who does the dishes?

You! A key element that recurs in the positive ratings given to your services the next day by customers is "My kitchen is cleaner than when I left it to the Chef".