I'm not a chef, but...

I am barman, DJ, illusionist or other event professional

We cannot offer your services on our website directly but as we cater a wide range of events in terms of size and purpose, your skills might turn out to be useful to our clients. If you have a nice presentation of your professional activity you can send it over to contact@labelleassiette.com together with pricing details and we will get in touch in case of a matching request from our clients.

95% of La Belle Assiette chefs attended professional training schools and had significant experience on the field, whether in restaurants or other forms of professional culinary arts.

I am an excellent amateur cook

However, our team in charge of assessing the new chef candidates could make an exception if :

  • your culinary skills are focused on a cuisine type that is under-represented in your area on our platform and have demand for it
  • you know the legal and hygiene principles that you must follow as food professional
  • you are able to present your dishes elegantly, not just family-style
  • you have good interpersonal skills
  • you are ready to launch your own business which implies good organisational skills (we can help you on this)
  • you agree on being assessed through our validation dinner before your profile goes public

If you still have doubts on whether you should apply or not, drop us an email at contact@labelleassiette.com and we'll be in touch soon!

If you feel you can make it, please apply here.

I have not attended any culinary school and I do not have any restaurant experience, can I still register?

We require all our chefs to be professional, but that isn't necessarily linked to where you've studied. Whether you are self-taught or trained in a College, we can work together. Contact us to discuss!

I am a mâitre d'hôtel or an experienced waiter

We currently do not offer maître d'hôtel / waiter services directly on our platform, but our chefs do need the help of professionals like you during their events. If you are looking forward to increasing your freelance activity, you can send us an email at contact@labelleassiette.com with your CV and we will add you to the internal listings our chefs can consult upon request, if your skills will be considered to be adequate to our standards.