Editing my chef profile, biography and Q&A

This is very important. Your profile is your shop front; it must be unique and invite customers to book. Everything you see on the chef profile is personalized. Photos, biography, tag line, Q&A, menus etc ... La Belle Assiette supports you by creating a unique technology so your profile can be as close as possible to your culinary talent!

How can I change my biography and my tagline?
It is very simple. You can do it from your “My Profile” page, but be very careful with spelling mistakes! 
What are the Q&A?
We created a list of questions and you can choose the ones you want to answer. The idea is to always have 3/4 of the questions completed, and to change them regularly. These questions and answers are found at the bottom of your profile.
These answers will allow the client to learn more about you, without creating a direct contact link.