Great, I received a booking. What to do next ?

It's great that you've got a booking! 

When a client makes a booking on La Belle Assiette, you'll immediately receive a notification via email and text. Login to you account and go to the booking section. Click on the booking and you'll see the customers details. 

Why the first call with your clients is so important

You will need to call your client twice: 

  • First, within 24hrs following the booking, in order to reassure your client, answer their questions and discuss the arrangements. 
  • Then, 2 to 3 days before the actual event in order to confirm the final details. 

When a booking is made less than 3 days before the event, one call is enough.

The first calls with your clients are very important: they prove that you are a professional, reassure the guests, and allow you to define all logistic aspects of the event. 

What you should ask your clients

During your first, call, you will need to confirm with your clients: 

  • The date and hour of the event
  • The equipment available on site, so that you can bring what may be missing
  • The details of the menu and all possible add-ons (number of guests, beverages, extra appetisers / cheese / sweets, special equipment, and any dietary requirements.)

What you should communicate to us

If you and the client agreed on any changes to the menu, please inform us via email or phone so that we can print and ship the correct version of the menus.

If the client wants to book something extra :

  • Please tell them to contact us (or contact us directly) so that we can deal with the add-on. We will bill the client the additional amount to be paid in advance, which guarantees for all payments to be made before the event. 
  • Please try to avoid as much as possible talking about prices directly with the client, as some confusion may happen between the net and public prices.

When all information is confirmed, do not forget to check the boxes and click "Apply" at the bottom of the order, in the bookings section.

If you have a serious issue 

If you ever have a very serious problem that prevents you from going to the event, please call the team at La Belle Assiette immediately. We will take care of calling the client and find a solution (either postpone the event or find another chef); please avoid calling the client yourself in order not to worry them.