What is a "private chef meal" ? How does it work ?

After booking and paying on La Belle Assiette's website, the chef will contact you by phone to introduce himself and finalise the last details (equipment that must be added to yours, the potential changes of the menu for your needs etc. ...).

The day of the service, the chef will arrive about 2 hours before the preset meal schedule.  He (or she!) will get to work in your kitchen and prepare everything on site. Upon arrival of your guests, don’t hesitate to invite them to step in the kitchen and meet the chef. We ask our chefs to introduce themselves before dinner and explain their background. For each dish, the chef will take care of the service and explain it to you. Before leaving, the chef will tidy the kitchen up.

Who does the service?

The chef, of course. During a La Belle Assiette meal, you just relax and the chef does the rest. For catering to more than 10 people, the chef will probably be accompanied by a waiter. But it is included in the price.

What is the chef doing while we are enjoying our meal?

The chef will surely have plenty of work to do from the time he arrives to when he leaves. 
However, if he has a free moment, he will adjust to the style of event that you wish to have. He can be in the background and stay in the kitchen, or he could come and speak to you and your guests (and this is what we prefer, but it is really up to you to decide!). Don’t hesitate to ask the chef to share a drink with you. A direct contact is preferred, you will not regret it: chefs are passionate and exciting entrepreneurs.