How do the prices for a private chef meal work?

Prices include: the purchase of ingredients, transport, preparation, service, storage and the time spent.

Prices are "per person". The menus are separated into three levels of service. Each level provides a different experience; from a enjoyable dining experience with the Temptation menus to a bespoke fine-dining experience with the Signature menus. The ingredients and service are adapted to your needs and budget in each price tier.
Our prices, for the private chef service, are for 6 guests. The price per person for less than 6 guests may be a little higher, as it will require the same amount of work to serve a meal for 3 people than 6. The price per person is higher for 2 people because our prices are indeed calculated on a minimum of 6 guests. This allows us to guarantee our chefs a minimum income to cover their fixed costs and thus be profitable for each service. We have at heart to give the possibility to the chefs to live with dignity of their passion and of this so beautiful job.

What budget should I plan for?

Prices vary according to the level of service:

- Temptation menus: 49 GBP per person (for +6 guests)

- Prestige menus: 72 GBP per person (for +6 guests)

- Signature menus: 99 GBP person (for +6 guests)

Prices are all inclusive. The best way to find out is to go to the list of menus and to alter the number of guests and the prices in the filters. If you cannot find a menu suitable to your budget, please contact our Concierge and we will help!

Can I negotiate the prices offered?

Negotiating is perhaps not the right word. However, by adapting the menu and service, we can alter the price.
For more details, please contact our Concierge!

What are the booking fees?

When booking, La Belle Assiette will invoice £19 as booking fees, and it will be added to your cart. This helps to cover the card fees that we pay to our bank (CIC).
La Belle Assiette also receives a commission on the amounts billed by the chefs. However, this is already included in the price you pay.