Legal documents to download (KYC)

Why are these documents needed?

- Due to some changes in the banking regulations regarding money laundering, La Belle Assiette is now entitled to implement new "KYC" (know your customer) procedures for all of our chefs and caterers. 
- This new regulation forces us to ask "legal documents" to our chefs. Starting from the first invoiced event through the platform, will not be able to issue any payments without the required documents.
What are the needed documents? 
  • Sole traders
    • ID
    • HMRC proof of registration
  • Businesses
    • ID
    • Certificate of incorporation (full document, available here)
    • Annual return (up-to-date)
    • Shareholder declaration (template available here)
What are the accepted formats? 
Accepted formats are pdf, jpeg and png.
How long does the validation take? 
Once the documents are sent to our service provider, the validation can take up to 48h. Note that our service provider can also reject the documents. In this case, we invite you to upload the documents one more time.

Can I take a picture of the documents?

If it's simpler for you, you can use your smartphone to take pictures of the relevant documents. For documents that contain several pages, you will need to merge all the pages into one document before uploading the documents. 


La Belle Assiette doesn't have access to the documents you send. These documents are directly sent to our service provider (MangoPay) who has a non-disclosing obligation. 

How do I know that the document has been correctly uploaded?

  • The document has been validated by our partner: everything's OK for this document! 

  • The document has been sent to our service provider. It's currently being validated. The process can take up to 48h. 

  • The document has been rejected. We invite you to look at the common reasons for a document to be rejected: they are listed at the bottom of the page. 

  • There's been an error in the upload of the document. We invite you to try again. 

My document has been rejected. Why? 

- All documents must be valid at the moment they are uploaded (i.e. the expiration date must not be passed)

- All documents must be "readable" by human eye

- Documents must be "complete" with all pages attached to the document

Send an email to if none of these reasons seem valid to you. We'll investigate.