Menus pricing

To attract, obtain and retain more customers, menus are classified into three levels of service sold at specific prices, based on our existing client needs analysis:

● £45: “Temptation”

● £65: “Prestige”

● £95: “ Signature”

The service that you have to offer and the ingredients of your menus must be adapted to the category that you’re a part of. For example, a "Temptation" menu should be a good 3-courses meal, but not a 5-courses meal.

By default, you are affected by the category given by La Belle Assiette: “Temptation”, “Prestige” or “Signature”.

To clarify this, following your current status...

● I’m already a validated chef: You are assigned to the category that most closely fits the results of your validation dinner, previous comments left by customers, your skills and the local needs. You can evolve to an higher price level

● I’m not yet validated: Until your validation dinner date, you will be assigned to level “Temptation”. After the validation dinner, if the jury members reviews are positive and if you want it, you will have access to the other higher categories.

If you have questions, please get in touch by phone at + 44 20 3318 5003 or by mail at